Alena shishkova is dating timati

Model Alena Shishkova who raises a baby from the famous rapper Timati, after parting with the civil husband was not left alone.

Beauty quickly found a new lover who has become a famous footballer Anton Shunin.

Often called the new Irina Sharyk, the general opinion of Alena Shishkova agrees that the relationship is only a way to boost her career and enjoy a multimillion-dollar lifestyle.

However, on Instagram he looks really happy with his spectacular girl.

A time after ending the relationship, Alena Shishkova, began to date with Nikita Mazepin, the son of a well-known Russian oligarch, who at that time had 17 years old.In addition admirers have fascinated photos of Alena in her wedding dress, which she posted on instagram. ", - former missus wrote Timothy in the social network.Users of social networks are seeing luxury wedding dress models immediately began to speculate about marriage lovers. Despite the fact that the fans have guessed that dress Shishkov demonstrated within the stylish show, many do not lose hope that Alain, who brings her little daughter, soon you will hear from the beloved Shunina offer hands and hearts. Roux wrote that the model went from Timothy to the athlete at the beginning of may 2015.Undoubtedly, she was one of the first popular Russian beautiful women on the internet all over the world. The closest thing to a perfect Barbie of flesh and bone without flaws in her hair, complexion, lips and eyes. Has filed for advertising campaigns and participated, being crowned second, at the Miss Russia 2012 beauty pageant, Born in Tyumen, the beautiful capital of Siberia and daughter of Alex Shishkov and Nadezhda, she studied, specializing in Administration at the State University of Tyumen.Her selfies became popular in any social network and although, at that time, she was not a model, singer or actress, everyone wanted to know who this beautiful Russian was and where she had appeared. In addition to the administration, in his formative years he learned to play the guitar and sing.

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