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until 7, guests can sip and mingle á la Millionaire Matchmaker.

“We are screening everyone [through preliminary applications] just so that we have enough people in the competition.

Because, as we all know, a lot depends on that elusive thing called “chemistry”.

We’ve all heard stories from “Tindertown”, or other dating apps – that friend who met a guy on Grindr who had to leave Rue Franklin because of a medical emergency (we won’t go there); the coworker who had a guy flat-out ask for casual sex (who hasn’t?

We are fortunate to have a teacher with a depth and breadth of decades-long monastic training and practice come here to make these teachings available to us.

We invite you to take advantage of Shugen Roshi’s steadfast commitment to help share the Dharma with practitioners in Western NY by participating in the following two events.

In either case, the writing is original to Buffalo Rising.

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You’re meeting someone right away but now having the opportunity to get to know them better.”That’s something that actual Tinder doesn’t provide; at the Expo event, you will be meeting matches on the fly, and will be able to absorb their vibe in the moment.The Tinder Speed-Dating Challenge brings “speed dating” to the Swipe Right/Swipe Left Generation, and will hopefully pair up some hot couples for Valentine’s Day.All I know is, whether you meet your soulmate there or not, it sure beats staying home and watching reruns of Sometimes the authors at Buffalo Rising work on collaborative efforts in order to cover various events and stories.); that person from high school who met their spouse on Plenty of Fish (like finding a Cartier diamond in Lake Erie, am I right?).“All I know is,” says his friend, who’s reading a book and applying Burt’s Bees, “when I saw the girl I exchanged 15 lines with on Tinder in person, she was way more smitten and not so much on Tinder.”Klaja and Mc Laughlin agree that, through observations from working in the bar scene, men go out later than ladies do, typically around 11 pm.

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