Ideas updating old dresser

I used a sample quart to repaint the entire set of uppers. Once the cabinets were dry (and the kid was asleep) I started painting. I originally bought two cans of chalk paint (one Old White and one Duck Egg Blue.) If you use white paint, it will take several coats to achieve the look you want. Yes, but if you have an iced coffee/wine and some good music, you’ll be set. I don’t have time to think about my cabinets too often. I used two different colors because I think it makes the kitchen feel a little bigger with white on top. Yes, I think chalk painting the cabinets was a fast, affordable and easy way to makeover our kitchen. I did not take the doors off or prime the cabinets. You may end up needing two cans of white depending on the number of cabinets you’ll be painting. I waxed the cabinets over the course of a week, during Ada’s naps or while everyone was sleeping. I have never made a big production of waxing them again but instead do touch-ups. I also think two different colors gives you a more custom-look. Please be aware that the term "chalk paint" is exclusive to Annie Sloan products.All other paints in this post are mineral-based paints but not true chalk paint!Although Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is one of the pricier versions, it is a pleasure to use.

1 quart = .00 I did need two coats on this table below (using gray 'Stella'), but I was painting over a very dark piece which was original wood.

This post is by no means an exhaustive list of the chalk paint brands is exploding and it's hard to keep up!

I'm sure you'll find this post informative as you head to the store (whether online or in person). Annie Sloan was the forerunner in the chalk paint world and set the bar high!

You're in good company because I love chalky paint and have personally painted over 100 pieces!

If you're a total chalk paint beginner, start by reading Chalk Paint 101, and then come back here... Today's post focuses on 15 popular chalky paint brands with user reviews.

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