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WATCH: 12 Celebrity Couples Who Can't Ever Split Up or We'll Lose All Faith in Love The 36-year-old actress admitted that dealing with stories about her dating life, especially when the Internet jumps on board, is “weird.” (Mc Adams and Kitsch already have an Internet-approved couple name, “Mc Kitsch.”)According to Mc Adams, just because a man and a woman are photographed together, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a couple.Back in June, she and Kitsch were spotted dining together at Osteria Mozza in West Hollywood, fueling speculation that they were more than just friends.Taylor initially modeled for Skye-Jilly International and successfully competed in the State finals of ‘Miss Teen Tasmania’.She has also appeared in several American productions like television movies about Natalie Wood ad also in the making of ‘Dynasty’.

Set in the Sydney summer of 1959, it’s in cinemas from October 18, 2018.I think [creator] Nic [Pizzolato] is doing something unique again with this season [being] different from the last,” she told “Of course, there’s going to be comparisons and of course, you want it to be just as good but I think it’s a different beast this year.I appreciate that because if you hold on tight to the old format, you don’t grow and it doesn’t get to breathe.She starred in the new drama ’666 Park Avenue’ and has casted in the series called ‘Jessica Jones’.With all her projects she has gained herself a net worth of million dollars.

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