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The biography also claims Emmanuel penned a racy novel inspired by their early romance.

A family neighbour from Macron's home town says she typed up the 300-page manuscript.'It was a daring novel, a little bit smutty.

It is the first biography since her husband swept to the presidency last year propelling Brigitte to global fame - but for all her public appearances she remains an enigmatic figure for many.

Her popularity was most recently on display during a state visit to China, where the couple's age difference was a source of fascination in a country where men tend to pursue much younger women.

The book says they first met in September 1992, when Emmanuel was just 15 and joined the then Mrs Auziere's Providence theatre workshop in Amiens.

They chose to marry in the seaside resort of Le Touquet, where Mr Auziere had himself married the then Brigitte Trogneux in June 1974.

Mr Auziere was born and grew up in the former French African colony of Cameroon, but it is not known where he is today.

His children with Brigitte – Laurence, Sebastian and Tiphanie – are said to maintain contact, despite also being extremely close to Mr Macron.

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Childhood friends recount Brigitte's early years as the youngest of six children in Amiens, recalling a cossetted and vivacious teenager, a member of the city's figure skating team for three years starting in 1967.Brigitte Macron and her family were denounced when she began dating her teenage pupil Emmanuel, a new biography has claimed.Now the first lady of France, Mrs Macron shocked locals in Amiens when details emerged of her relationship with the future president.Brun quotes a friend of Mrs Macron who explains that the period is a 'wound' in her life which she does not enjoy speaking about.'But she has sometimes told me she lost all her friends,' the acquaintance went on.

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