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The paper does not mean to suggest that there is a simple and direct homology between such mechanisms and any particular physical structures within the brain.It is widely recognized, however, that the brain is a computational device, and the brain processes which carry out a particular type of computation will necessarily reflect the requirements of the computation being made.People’s genetic structure, genetic expression, and individual physiological response to stimuli differ; moreover, people’s minds are differently structured and function differently.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a common condition following Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVCs) in Ontario, costing our society countless amounts of dollars.

He argues that facts about actual human behavior, like those discussed in Friedman & Neary’s research, are potentially relevant to property and other legal issues.

In contrast, he argues that evolutionary arguments like those made by Stake are not relevant to property or other legal issues.

Though with some delay, also the legal studies are now showing a growing in terest towards cognitive neuroscience researches.

The essay first reviews the major facts of this process, then supports new applications of cognitive neuros cience findings to the law, together with the proposal of a new definition for such field of research.

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